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We are all fragments of Gods perfect inspiration. Your decent to a physical existence has not diminished your spiritual essence, only concealed it. Dr. Christian von Lähr can reach your eminent soul, ..the Higher Self, to find your Twin Soul, illuminate your path, and manifest a perfect life of spiritual fulfillment for you

your are a perfect being

The perfection of man is an unseen thing, … that is, using physical eyes.  What we are in total is necessarily obscured by successive vehicles, or bodies; that which we know as the auric layers.  These vehicles are how we travel about and exist in God’s many planes of existence.  Perceptibly this existence is in one plane only at a time.  But this is not true.  

At the very topmost of these we are pure God consciousness, fragmented to strings of the perfect consciousness of God.  These strings of energy have chosen to carry out the manifestation of the existence of God in many ways.  Through these, the Universe was built, as was the tiny world upon which we live.  And the minerals, and water that compose it, and the plants and animals that inhabit it, and the angels and nature spirits of the faerie kingdoms who oversee it.  To accomplish even this required the successive layering of consciousness of different energies of different purposes, compositions and varieties to manifest God’s will.  When the true experiencing of God was desired it was necessary to allow an individualization of consciousness.  Although this was first been realized through the individualization of some from the faerie kingdoms, it is the kingdom of man that proved the pinnacle of God’s wisdom.

  Our physical plane of consciousness reflects the lowest and most physical bodies.  To bring birth to man, however, there needed to be several layers of consciousness above, each with a divine purpose.  First, there needed to be a “soul” to allow individualized consciousness.  Next, the energies became heavier and obscured the true Soul, but an Ego, or personality, was created in its own realm.  Another layer provides connectivity to all planets in all Universes, which give rise to many consciousness development platforms.  Then, to support the birth and death transitions of man, an Astral plane of existence came about with its own composition of energy.

 Man sheds energy bodies as he transits these planes; at death, to the astral on passing, and the Heavenly “mental plane” to reach our experience of Heaven.  There are others.  Conversely, the Soul transits downwards taking on heaver energy in order to have a physical birth thereby experience the manifestation of God in His “creation” state.

 Man can connect with all of these planes through the auric fields, as each is tuned to the energy density or frequency of those associated planes, but it is not a natural course of events to  consciously experience this.  You can see the great benefit when we can reach our Higher Self and are no longer blocked by layers of energy; like looking through a sandstorm.  This is what Dr. von Lähr does.  He is a trained Spiritual Counselor, Dr. of Metaphysics and stage clairvoyant medium.  His special ability is to perceive the very finest matter of our existence so he can talk with our true selves.  This Higher Self, as it is known in Metaphysical circles, does know our divine purpose, our past lives, our lessons and our Guides.  Your Higher Self exists as if a separate being, which can be contacted, seen, heard and experienced.  It even has a sex, name and personality, reflecting upon the sum total of our existence thus far.

 Understandably,  man perceives his or her current existence.  If alive in physical body, then that perception is of this earth.  Once passed, the perception is of an 11 dimensional world where all of our desires are worked out to prepare us for the next journey.  That ascension is to the Heavenly plane.  Once there, this world of bliss allows us to exist without the perception of a body, and it is known as the “mental plane.”  This is where our blessings from Heaven come from, as these forms of Spirit may be your deceased grandparents, or great grandparents, even Souls you do not realize you know.  However, they do know you and they can ONLY send love and blessings to you by virtue of their lack of personal desire, which allowed their ascension.  Dr. von Lähr knows how to help you be in a position to receive these blessings of abundance, fulfillment, discovery of path, beautiful children and happiness’s of life, as they do not come easily or naturally unless you are already on your path.

 Why this is all so is that God has created a “default” mechanism in creation.  Even our choice of parents, birth location and time are part of this scheme.  This safety mechanism gets us through life under circumstances that should bring about the [presentation] of our divine lessons, our path.  However, the acknowledgement of these requires us to see the opportunities.  In our lives, we can get lost, and perhaps most do.  But other default mechanisms help you seek out the means to get back on track.  Even the choice to contact Dr. von Lähr is a “probability.”

 So, being here you have likely discovered that your purpose in life is not clear, or that you’ve “missed something.”  That happiness and prosperity have eluded you.  You were drawn to someone who can help you find the answers you need to uncover your path in life, find  your soul mate, find spiritual fulfillment and realize the ability to manifest prosperity and the things you require in life.  Welcome.  Dr. von Lähr awaits your further inquiry into a “Soul Watch Life Reading.”


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