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Dr. Christian von Lahr's Readings may very will be the most profound experience you have ever had in life.  This is a comment we receive often, even years after a session.  His sessions are REAL - no tools or devices are ever used or needed; this is genuine clairvoyant mediumship.


Clairvoyance differs from psychism because the information does not have to already be known.  The information sought can be "gotten" from "spirit guides" and the higher selves of either the Medium, or the "sitter."  The perceptions of these higher consciousnesses far exceed the capabilities and capacities of the human physical brain.  Therefore, the answers are "seen" from a place beyond our ability to read psychically, this is why Clairvoyant readings are more accurate.
Some of these guides, and the Higher Self in particular, have known of your past lives, and are cognizant of your life's purpose.  They may see your struggles and circumstances.  This allows them to provide insightful and astounding answers to your inquiries or thoughts
Similarly, the spirits of those deceased recently can be contacted for a somewhat improved perspective on matters, as they now exist in a world that is beyond our limited three dimensions, and time.  This is an often-sought solution when one desires to resolve issues with the departed.
Soul Mates, Relationships and situations require a rather special form of communication and technique.  There is also an ancient philosphy on who and what these are that leads the especially trained medium to identify your Soul Mate, and guide you directly to them.
A Life Path is simiilarly complicated as the accessing if this information requires a direct connection to one's Higher Self ... This is a full-proof process that can immediately be verified, and clears the way to the direction Christian provides to find complete success and happiness in the shortest amount of time.
Christian has an almost exclusive ability for live clairvoyant Medical Intuition.  This is a very rare gift where he can actually see into the body, its organs, the blood and cells and nerves.  He sees past, present and future at the same time.  This is a remarkable experience as it instantly defines your health condition, and provides recommendations for improving your health.  To repeat, this is a very rare gift, and so Christian has the pleasure of reading many health professionals, psychiatrists and psychologists routinely.  Often, the medical profession has no clue as to our condition, and causes for our symptoms.  Christian determines this in-person or at a distance without you having to say a word.  "Truely Remarkable," is the most frequent remark. 
"Heaven can help" and that often means advice from our Grandparents who are in a Plane we associate with Heaven.  From this place, they can provide outstanding inspiration and understanding.  Often, just a few words can explain the difficulties in your life, and provide practical insight on new directions to consider. 
Dr. von Lähr is an expert on the other-side.  His extensive research in Theosophy, religion and science help him reach beyond the abilities of most mediums.  He can reach farther, and reach more. 
He understands the messages through Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairalience, Claircognizance and telepathy ALL AT ONCE.  Often he can bring in the Spirit energy for others in the room to see.  He talks to spirit daily and understands the mechanisms of [how] this process works.  This all translates into a deeper, more meaningful, life-changing Reading for you that are at once accurate and inspirational. 

Further still, Christian is a communicator with the Faerie kingdoms and the heavenly sphere of Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters all around us.



More about Private Readings

Christopher Valentine may be present with Christian von Lahr during the in-person readings. He may provide additional insights and/or assistance with metaphysical, crystal and tone therapy.

All in-person sessions 30 minutes or longer are taped at no additional charge.

You must be 18 years of age or older to order and receive a Reading.

All readings (and healings), whether done by email, phone, or live in-person, including medical intuitive readings, are not meant to replace or supersede a medical practitioner. Please consult with your doctor before starting or changing anything in your life

Life Reading

»| $5,000 Call 310.427.1700

(Fixed price)  Based on the Mentoring rate @$400. per hour.  Approximately 15 hours.  Savings of $1000.

This spiritual spectacular is performed as a High Meditation process by Dr. Christian von Lähr.  Very few in the world could even attempt this.  Without a natural proclivity at birth, the brain could not handle the pain that would otherwise ensue trying to traverse the higher pathways.  It is a gift he employs for those select few who KNOW there is a greatness within themselves that must be uncovered.

The resulting guidance is then delivered to you by phone - over the course of a week, approximately. There are three 2-hour digitally recorded phone sessions for delivering the information, typically.

Dr. von Lähr typically devotes nine (9) hours to Mystical Meditation – this is the highest level attainable by humans below the status of Ascended Master.


There are two general types of meditation: the mystical and the secular. The mystical is considered the highest form of meditation because the person practicing it is usually thought to be attempting to reach the Absolute or Divine. It is usually practiced in a non-secular setting, such as a monastery, where the practitioners also practice withdrawal from the world, asceticism, strict diet, and other regimens. However, there are exceptional individuals who independently choose to live this life-style.

Christian connects with your Higher Self, and this is an actual [visual] process, something better suited to a true Master Clairvoyant.  One must be able to see 65 million colors (every shade has a meaning), and beyond – where color gives way to vibration.  Most people only function at the level of about 100 colors of general awareness. The difference in perception suggest here is literally in magnitudes.

This should also suggest to you that Christian would be taking in the Higher inspired guidance through a great many channels at one time.  This is literally marvelous.  Genius in our physical world suggests someone who can maintain awareness at three channels of thought – the process defined herein is 14 at minimum to a more typical 256.  1024 channels at one time will sometimes be necessary in order to communicate at the Highest of planes.

And so it goes that Dr. Christian von Lähr can also join with your actual “Seeding” Archangel, which is the absolute highest form we as humans can connect with.  Christian has both the experiential communication we find in the 256 dimensions of Heavenly communication, but can also then go up further into the upper Planes of Consciousness.  At this height, he will be functioning beyond all human form.  This simply starts with the “one-ness” that others talk about – he is able to [understand] your existence over an expanse of 30 billion of our years – the past, now, and into the future.  THIS is the perspective that allows him to understand the tiny context of life you find yourself in today – but as with a full-length movie, every frame, even the current one, adds continuity to the story, and is therefore, quintessential.  THIS IS a quintessential Reading.  THIS LIFE has meaning, a specific, quintessential purpose.

These Archangels of Presence performed the actual [Creation] of the Universe – and they created you, too.  Because of this we each [follow] one in particular, and this started at the very moment of Creation.    These are also known as Elohim and Dyani Chohans.  Everyone has ONE, and this is absolutely specific, it is NOT a choice.  This is the very vibration you are attempting to achieve throughout the term of existence of the Universe in order to achieve balance at all levels, and “perfection”  in the end. You are a part of this plan for Creation, and this dictates your true Path through existence.

These meditations are extremely lengthy and are encumbered by magnitudes of thought and experiential communication into the many thousands of dimensions.  Dr. von Lähr does all the work at this level, as it would be painful, if not outright impossible, to accomplish by one not conditioned to it by natural birth, and over decades of training. This would be analogous to navigating through a wormhole across the universe.  He reduces this massive conversation to reams of notes, all of which he has ready before he calls you.

A truly incredible experience and an investment in yourself.

A LIFE READING is a comprehensive reading that spans ALL of your lifetimes to determine why you are here in this lifetime, and what you are intended to do.  Then it proceeds further to determine the path you are on now, and into your future existences.  TODAY is either the gateway to tomorrow, or the lock on the door that lets us go no further. 

Your past lives have been for a purpose, and are thusly significant in that they contributed to making you who you are now, what your are, and what obstacles are present for you in this lifetime.

This lifetime represents a frame of existence in the collection of your lives, whereby you are collecting and working through Karma.  The result thus far should indicate precisely what THIS life is about, what is working and not working, your objectives, your relationships, your drives.  It will also suggest things pertaining to your health, proclivities and patterns you undergo.  This allows Christian to guide you in overcoming your present obstacles in life, and he sets you on a true course to your future destiny.

Your Archangel, Master Guides, Teacher Guides and passed-over family members from this and prior lives will come in.  Through clairvoyance and Mediumship he will get messages from them to add richness and depth to your Reading.  These will be meaningful and validating.  There may be an emotional quality if this aspect helps you remove blocks and achieve progress.

You will come to know who is [out there] helping you, how to identify them, how to connect with them, and specifically what it is they want to help you with.  

This leads you to a successful approach to your future where you know where you are going, and why; what you have been doing throughout existence and why; and what you are ultimately heading for.

Much time and focus is spent on the present since THIS is the place where we need to have the greatest understanding.  Here the present day problems will be resolved, whether path, profession, relationship, family or health.  "Incredible." "Life-Changing." An experience you will always remember and true investment in yourself.



»| $5,000 Call 310.427.1700

(Fixed price)  Based on the Mentoring rate @$400. per hour.  Approximately 15 hours.  Savings of $1000.

Mentoring is offered in a large block of endeavor, which Dr. Christian von Lähr styles as a “mentored transformation.”

Although having many similar aspects to the Life Reading, this session type is interactive, and takes advantage of that element to bring a person on-board with their destiny. This is a “transformation” session, one that lifts your metaphoric car off its track and places it on the track YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON. It is highly focused on establishing the destiny of a person in a practical context that can be applied to this lifetime.

It will also differ from the Life Reading in that Christian will use the fact that you as a human are actually functioning in several planes or pseudo planes of existence at one time, regardless that you are not aware of it. This provides him with an instant means to maintain a connection with ALL OF THESE at one time, as well. He brings the guidance and influence down through these levels such that the meaning can be related-to, by you, in a here-and-now conversation.


NOTE: You exist in a Physical reality, but you are none-the-less functioning in an aetheric state of well-being, an astral state of emotional development, and a higher state of inspiration. This is in addition to the lower mind state you use every day, and the Higher Mind state that tries to drive us over time. Lastly, but considerably higher, is our connection to the Higher Self, which is a kind of movement vehicle as it performs the connection to the aforementioned states, regardless that it has its own purpose of recording our existences and directing our future ones.

NOTE: The Buddhic through the Atmic states are not typically used in a Mentoring Transformation, but they can be if such need is demonstrated. These latter states apply better to your consciousness as a part of the unified consciousness of the Universe itself, of which you are a part – and so, although important, are beyond the practical or real-world objectives of the Mentored Transformation.


In essence, Dr. Christian von Lähr’s mind will be at many places at once – though he is very practiced at keeping the presentation delivered in the current Physical reality you relate to.

For example, DON’T EVEN THINK about lying – he will know this is going to happen even before you try. Ha. Sometimes you do this unknowingly because something in life has forced you to lie to yourself always (childhood issues.) Not to worry, Christian will tell you the very instant you are about to do this, because absolute truth is a necessary element of the transformational process

This can be kind of fun, as it is evident in a number of ways in your transformational session. You will literally visually broadcast how you perceive and relate to everything you are being told. He likes to have fun by telling you “OH, YOU LOVED THAT” when he sees you are absorbing some amazing truth … as it is one of the few times humans actually make a “hallo,” which he sees.

He will know when you are literally thinking or questioning him … (you emanate gray from our head), even WHY you are thinking what you do (because of where you put that gray thought around your head.) He knows (by way of visual energy reactions you make) if you are responding or reacting by virtue of your transformational session, as a reaction based on your relationships, or particular family connections, or from a childhood experience or mind.

This is one of the first ways people realize Christian is operating on many different levels at once, only revealing such if it furthers the process. HE IS GOING TO BE IN YOUR HEAD, but it is nothing to fret over – he is just trying to pick out the absolute truth of any given matter so the desired result can be obtained. Prepare to laugh a lot, ha … you will never have a bond this close with anyone else in your life again. It’s all good.

A Mentored Transformation is for someone who recognizes that they are unconsciously on a track that may seem logical or typical by conventional thought, but which nonetheless does not lead to the kind of life and purpose you know is within you. Thus, you have been <programmed,> unknowingly, by childhood, parenting and circumstances in life – and these tend to put you in a bucket you do not belong in, one of several common ones. Those destined for greatness must reach above the lowest denominators of life and function at a level that makes an actual difference in the world. But as a programmed human (unfortunately, a natural process of the sub-conscious mind which was intended to be “protective” in the distant past, has now become “restrictive” in our new and greater world of awareness), WE CANNOT SEE THE FOREST FOR THE TREES. Almost no one can. And therefore, we now introduce the function of the Transformational Mentor.


OPTION-1: For most people, Christian recommends two 6-hour days, in-person. This provides some time to process. These are usually followed-up by a 2-hour phone session to address your thoughts after processing further, and another 1-hour phone session to finish up.

OPTION-2: Another option is three 4-hour days, in person for people who want more time to process between sessions. These are usually followed-up by a 2-hour phone session to address your thoughts after processing further, and another 1-hour phone session to finish up.

OPTION-3: is one 8-hour day, followed by one 4-hour day. (He does not recommend this for persons without an already high level of understanding of how [consciousness] exists and work, which would not be too many people.) These are usually followed-up by a 2-hour phone session to address your thoughts after processing further, and another 1-hour phone session to finish up.


There are three hours of digitally recorded phone sessions provided after processing, usually as a two hour session soon after your Transformation, followed by a 1 hour session at some future date within a month.

Read the LIFE READING description to learn more about how Christian works, as much of it will also apply to the Mentored Transformation.


In this day and age very few people are properly defined, validated and substantiated by “the father,” whose job it is to do such things. It is a lost process, yet it is quintessential if we are to lead a balanced life. For this reason, many issues and obstacles in life will simply fall away after your session, as Christian will accomplish this for him/you as a necessity to getting through the transformation.

This session is not merely progress, nor is it simply change … you might think of it as “everything” – YOU WILL BE TRANSFORMED. You will know, you will understand, you will believe, you will BECOME THE NEW YOU right then-and-there.

“If what you really want in life IS YOU, then lets get started … “ Christian

The biggest comment we get on this session type is, “IT HAD TO BE DONE!”



This rate applies to those clientes who seek mentoring, It is not a psychic service, per'se, though that may be included as is necessary.

Mentoring is how Christian helps those to find their way out of the situations and rigors of life - and into the situation and station they should be in. This is very problem-solving oriented, and focus on change.

Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr is an expert consultant - he has mentored some of the greatest minds in America. With almost 50 years of experience in serving countless industries, he is well placed to help you overcome your difficulties, develop yourself, and find a new life.


Metaphysical Therapy



Approximately 15 sessions over a 30-day period


  • The Metaphysical sessions involve an initial connection to the client's Higher Self.
  • Permission is obtained from the Higher Self to allow Christian to facilitate the "wellness" of the physical being, and further, agreement is sought for the client's Higher Self to become a major factor in this spiritual form of healing.
  • Any individual in the physical actually has many [bodies]. from the lowest physical, up through the aetheric physical, the astral, the mental body, the causal body and eventually the "SOUL," which is itself a body - the body that holds our spirit. It is the Higher Self (positioned between the Soul and Spirit) that actively maintains the connectivity to all of these bodies - it has direct access.
  • The participation that Christian solicits is for the Higher Self to connect to EACH-AND-EVERY body, and trickle down a wellness condition and predisposition at EVERY LEVEL.
  • Though defined and managed by Christian, he relies heavily on the certainty of the Higher Self's [NATURAL] ability to connect with every body.
  • Christian starts healing THE TOP - the level of the Soul - where we are pure. HERE LIES the perfect plan, the "potential" that is possible to achieve. Relying on this latent potential, Christian induces the Higher Self to propagate the already established spiritual health condition down through the successive bodies.
  • Virtually all areas of wellness and healing can be approached. However, when there is current disease, missing or damaged organs or limbs, or the client is on a prescribed medical regiment, it is necessary to go through the above Medical Intuition program as a precursor, and/or to get Dr. Christians agreement that Remote In-Place Healing can be used as an add-on spiritual healing therapy.

Metaphysical Sessions do not require any subsequent conversation, participation or involvement from the Client. Only your agreement to let Christian work with your Higher Self for your betterment is required. Christian takes over and does all the work - it all happens in the background. The program has a start and an end date. There is no paperwork or telephone conversations required, as this is totally spiritual at the highest level.


These sessions CAN BE DONE for your children, or for those you care for - such as the elderly - or for those whom you have guardianship of. Only your permission is initially required, though your Higher Self and that of the eventual client will also have to be established. Christian works towards this end for you, as he has to go far above the conventional thinking brain.


(option 01) Metaphysical Healing/Wellness Track

(option 02) Confidence/Direction Track

(option 03) Manifestation Track

(option 04) Empowerment Track

(option 05) Project or Writing Empowerment Track

(option 06) Switching to Spiritual Path Track

(option 07) Psychic Development Track

(option 08) Psychic Defense Track

(option 09) Improve Family Relationships Track

(option 10) Make Your Relationship Work Track

(option 11) Learning/Disability Track

(option 12) SoulMate Preparation Track

(option 13) College Tests, various Accreditation Support Track

(option 14) Medical Procedure Success Empowerment Track

(option 15) Stress Relief Track

(option 16) Job Aquisition Track

(option 17) Addiction Management Track

(option 18) Behavioral Change Track

(option 19) Hormonal Balancing Track

(option 20) Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing Track




This is not a magical process, it is metaphysics. As such, it is the Higher Self that is induced to make current, and additional exterior or auxiliary movement and participation efforts.


Please email which track you are ordering and your name (or family loved-one) after you receive your e-mailed receipt. Otherwise you will automatically be added to the Healing/Wellness Therapy for 30 days. It is not neccessary, but can send a one-time up-front e-mail detailing your focus or concern(s) for Dr. von Lahr to focus on.

You will receive a confirmation automatically - even if you do not write in - of your enrollment in the Therapy Program (which is non-cancellable). Please be aware that Dr. Christian will not be able to read or respond to any emails once the Program starts due to the hours he is already giving you for the Metaphysical Treatments over 4 weeks.

$750 Order by phone

310.427.1700 telephone


Several Therapy options may be combined, but they are priced individually.




All Readings, Metaphysical Healing/Wellenss Therapy, and Metaphysical Therapy Programs, whether done by email, phone, or live in-person, including medical intuitive readings, are not meant to replace or supersede a medical practitioner. Please consult with your doctor before starting or changing anything in your life.

All Classes non-refundable, non transferable