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Hotel and Expo Readings at Our Next Event

Private Hotel Mediumship Readings with Dr. Christian von Lähr are typically available oon the last date of Class Dates. Please reserve these very limited spaces well in advance.

For more information please call 310.427.1700 or Email


Phone Readings

These incredibly prophetic and accurate readings are almost like Dr. von Lähr is sitting right front of you. He sees your aura, Guides, Archangel, crossed-over family and can also do a medical scan of you.

To order please call 310.427.1700 (4PM-11PM Pacific)


All Readings (including phone) are now digitally recorded and Emailed to the the email address you provide. Once received, click the "Download" button and immediately save the file to your computer or phone. Please allow up to 3 days after your Session to receive your recording via Email. If you have not received an Email after 3 days then contact admin@christiantoren.LA or include your fullname and it will be resent to the email you write from.

There is no preperation on your part needed. Just be in a quiet room and Dr. von Lähr will call you at the number provided (preferably a landline) at the appointed time.

45 minute or longer In-Person and Phone paid Readings are digitally recorded for FREE and are not be guaranteed to perfectly record every time. You are free to record any of your Mediumship Readings - no matter the length - at no additional charge.

Additional time for all Readings is $7.00 per minute.

Purchase Bulk Time for maximum savings.

Follow-up questions to an in-person and phone reading need to be asked during the session in question - as Dr. von Lähr is a medium - whereby the information flows through him from your Guides, Higher Self, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and crossed-over loved-one's. He thus rarely remembers anything from the reading once it has completed.


Expo Mediumship Reading (Standard rate $7 per minute)

Audio recording is provided complimentary, it is not a part of the pricing.

Dr. von Lähr typically sells-out very fast at the Expos - so sign-up by calling Chris at 310.427.1700 or immediately upon arrival at the expo conference.


Private Hotel Mediumship Reading after Expo dates are no longer offered.  Please make an appointment for the Expo and Class Dates.


Metaphysical Wellness Therapy

Christian provides distant healing at a fixed price for a set of Metaphysical Healing Sessions of 2-3 per week, for 4 weeks.  This process a proprietary techniques called "Remote In-Place Healing" and was developed by Christian so as to allow energy  healing directly on an individual's Mental Body, Astral Body and Etheric Body at a distance.  It has elements of Reiki, and Christian is a Reiki Master/Teacher, but he (visits) the patient in his Mental/Astral body to perform the treatments. 

1 Month of Metaphyscial Treatments: $750

4 Months of Spiritual Wellness Therapy $2,500 Call 310.427.1700

Mediumship differs from psychism because the information does not have to already be known.  The information sought can be “gotten” from “spirit guides” and the higher selves of either the Medium, or the “sitter.”  The perceptions of these higher consciousnesses far exceed the capabilities and capacities of the human physical brain.  Therefore, the answers are “seen” from a place beyond our ability to read psychically, this is why Mediumship readings are more accurate. 

Some of these guides, and the Higher Self in particular, have known of your past lives, and are cognizant of your life’s purpose.  They may see your struggles and circumstances.  This allows them to provide insightful and astounding answers to your inquiries or thoughts.  Similarly, the spirits of those deceased recently can be contacted for a somewhat improved perspective on matters, as they now exist in a world that is beyond our limited three dimensions, and time.  This is an often-sought solution when one desires to resolve issues with the departed.

“Heaven can help” and that often means advice from our Grandparents who are in a Plane we associate with Heaven.  From this place, they can provide outstanding inspiration and understanding.  Often, just a few words can explain the difficulties in your life, and provide practical insight on new directions to consider.  Although not a substitute for a complete Soul Watch Life Reading, these can be inspiring and helpful with current stressful issues.

Dr. von Lähr is an expert on the other-side.  His extensive research in Theosophy, religion and science help him reach beyond the abilities of most mediums.  He can reach farther, and reach more.  He understands the messages through Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairalience, Claircognizance and telepathy ALL AT ONCE.  Often he can bring in the Spirit energy for others in the room to see.  He talks to spirit daily and understands the mechanisms of [how] this process works.  This all translates into a deeper, more meaningful, life-changing Reading for you that are at once accurate and inspirational.  Further still, Christian is a communicator with the Faerie kingdoms and the heavenly sphere of Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters all around us.

When a quick focus on life’s purpose or a general introduction to one’s Guides or past lives is sought, then a Mediumship Reading by Dr. von Lähr can provide instant spiritual enlightenment.  Many seeking such a reading has a specific or focused interest in a relationship, work, infidelity, finances and personal development.

Whatever the reason, a Mediumship Reading by Dr. von Lähr is going to exceed your expectations in every way.  Seasoned, well trained and a natural counselor, you not only leave your encounter with the information you need, you are given practical advice on how to use the information correctly.

Please make sure you show up to your Scheduled Pre-Paid Only Reading as it is non-refundable. Credit Card Charges will appear as Myst of the Oracle Corp. 336-359-8082 818.588.3585. Recordings of paid readings are free and are not guaranteed to record every time. You are free to bring your own recorder for all readings at no additional charge.

All purchases including Sessions, Books and Classes are pre-paid non-refundable.

All readings (and healings), whether done by email, phone, or live in-person, including medical intuitive readings, are not meant to replace or supersede a medical practitioner. Please consult with your doctor before starting or changing anything in your life.