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SOAR Clairvoyance Jan 4-5, 2025 New and Improved! More Info

Master Life Coach 2025 More Info

MIT Medical Intuitive 2025 More Info

New World Order 2026 More Info

Dragons Master Course More Info

Secrets of the Vatican/Channeling/Talking with God 2026 More Info

STARSEED Encounter 2025 More Info

Modalities 2024 - Brand New - More Info

Pantheon 2026 - More Info

Astral/Heavenly Travel, Remote Viewing, Cloak of Invisibilty 2027 - Brand New! More Info

DNA Blueprint 2025

Genies March 2024 - More Info

SEER The Ultimate in Clairvoyance - See in wide panoramic vision future Conflicts and Events. Never before taught by Dr. Toren. It's like watching a cinemascope movie - with the end result of the conflict revealed. Wow your clients and yourself with a skill that very few on Earth have and formerly reserved only with the Prophets of past. More Info

Time Masters of Dimensions - Brand New 2025 More Info

Path of the Prophet - Learn how to become a Prophet and Ascended Master Brand New! 2023/2024 4 weekends Certification Master Class More Info

Beyond Budha - Secret Master Class - Highly Advanced - Never before taught to humans! 2025

Please call Chris with any questions and to register:  310.427.1700

Ask for the "Transparent Awareness" Package and get all 17 Master Certified Courses at a tremendous savings when purchased in 1-2 payments.  Affordable easy monthly payment plans also available.



Location: 2500 N Hollywood Way, Burbank CA Marriott Airport Hotel

- always verify location, as they may change.

Schedule - 9AM-6PM - Daily

Pricing - call for pricing 310.427.1700

  • Invest in yourself and take your business and skills to a whole new level!
  • Fly in-Fly out at the Burbank "Bob Hope" Airport
  • Free Shuttle to Hotel across the street every 15 minutes. 
  • Evenings enjoy:  Free Shuttle to Universal City Walk (restaurants, movie theater, shopping) and Universal Studios Theme Park 5 minutes away.

Rooms recomended at the 4 Star Burbank Airpot Hotel Marriott on 2500 N Hollywood Way - (Book early and ask for discounts like AAA) Classes are just an elevator ride away to the first floor luxurious Center with glass walls (for sunshine) and fresh air breaks on the Garden Patios, swimming pool breezeways with access to the super-fun Tiki Bar, surrounding Lounge Chairs and multiple crystal Fires.


All Course Materials, Certificates and proprietary booklets inlcuded. 

Small friendly Class sizes personally taught by Master Dr. Christian Toren von Lahr.

Call Chris 310.427.1700 for more info.  Ask for the 'Transparent Awareness" Package and get all 17 Master Certified Courses at a great price!



Celebrity Psychic Interviews with Christian Toren HERE

How to Connect with Nature People with Chris Valentine HERE



TBA December 2025 - Modalities P2 Brand New! Enjoy the Holidays by expanding your abilities with fun for all ages and levels by trying out a brand new modality every hour or so one weekend only!


TBA 2025 - Beyond Budha P3 - Highly Advanced - and never before taught to humans. Brand New

TBA 2025- Beyond Budha P2 - Highly Advanced - and never before taught to humans. Brand New

TBA 2025- Beyond Budha P1 - Highly Advanced - and never before taught to humans. Brand New


TBA DNA Blueprint - Updates and Upgrades with brand new personal computers and personalized software for each student inluded.

TBA New Time Masters P4 - "The 7 Wonders of the World" - Due to the overwhelming success of the Time Travel Series - going both forward and backward in time with enormous validation and new info found we are using the Master Time Machine for Group Travel.

TBA April 26-27, 2025 - New SOAR Part 3 - "The Ultimate in Clairvoyance" - Clairvoyant developement - with a new booklet included and now 2 days instead of 1!

TBA March 15-16, 2025 - Wizards - From the Ancient shores of Albion and Wales we discover Avalon, King Arthur and Merlin. Learn the Highest and most secreted Magic of the Wizards who live forever. Only the most virtuous invited. Apothocary with the Elves included to make sacred potions and essential oils of the Emerald Tablets. Spend St. Patrick's Day in Sherwood Forest with the Elves for the first time ever!

TBA February 1-2, 2025 New SOAR Part 2 - "Mediumship" - Mediumship developement - with focuses on the Astral Plane (crossed-over) AND the Mental Plane (known as Heaven or Cosmic Superhighway) to access your Guides, Archangels, and Ascended Masters to get information for yourself by channeling them.

TBA January 4-5, 2025 - New SOAR Part 1 - Psychicism - Learn how to do a FULL 1 hour Session instead of the usual 10-15 min readings. Returning SOAR Graduates welcome to attend the new and improved SOAR beginner weekend - Psychic developement from the ground floor up - with a new booklet included and now 2 days instead of 1! Our most popular and penultimate Class series now in it's 8th iteration (not having been oferred in years)!



TBA Modalities Part 1 Brand New! Fun for ALL ages and levels. Want to learn how to bend spoons, dowse, or read tea leaves? Develop your beginner skills and take them to a whole new level!

TBA Path of the Prophet Part 4 "Be The Path" Brand New! Certification! (Vatican 17) "Meet Your Other Selves" Highly Advanced - POP P3 Pre-requisite.

TBA WOW Part 2 - Brand New! Exploration of time travel, multi-universes, and Prophets throughout time-lines. Activating in class what we can do to make it a more joyful New Earth.

TBA 2024 Path of the Prophet Part 3 "Walk The Path" Brand New! Nudging your timeline and creating a new world, communicating and getting answers from Ascencded Masters becoming a Prophet and creating a new body.


* Special EXPOS and Events *

Special Events are characterized by Christopher Valentine and Dr. Christian von Lähr teaching you their unique and new techniques on how to see Nature Spirits, Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Crossed-over loved one's or even Aliens LIVE during the "only one of it's kind" lectures and workshops. These are usually 1-2 hour ticketed events. Please reserve your spaces early.

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