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(2006) If You Could Only See ... A Gnome's Story

"If You Could Only See ... A Gnome's Story" was a labor of love accomplished over 4 years by the authors. A Gnome's Story is the first of an ensemble and pertains most specifically on recognizing the Gnomes and how to attract them into your life and enjoy them all around you. Call 310.427.1700 to Order

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by Christopher Valentine

If You Could Only See ... A Gnome's Story


"Gnomes are gifts from the Creator and
bring joy and fun back into your daily life.
They awaken your inner child and show
you how to live in the 'now'
and to be happy."

"Gnomes bring magic to your garden and
orderliness to your home. Their goal is
peace and harmony for you and the Earth."

"This book will show you how to invite
them into your garden, home, and life to
form bonds of love and caring that will
enrich your life and theirs."


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A Gnome's Story features a wonderful cover depicting in real-life imagery of the leading Gnome character in the book, Peter-Jon. Peter-Jon tells his story of life as a Gnome and provides mesmerizing insight on including all Nature People into your life.

If You Could Only See ... A Gnome's Story

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Look for this title in your local book store or Metaphysical shop.


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It has been many generations since a contemporary book on the Nature People has been attempted. All current accounts are referencing age old material. New ground is bring broken with "If You Could Only See ... A Gnome's Story" and its direct communication with the Nature People of our age. An important question it asks as its purpose is, "Why?"

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Christopher Valentine shares his particular perspective on how connecting with Nature People can contribute to a productive harmonious experience with this other realm.

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Dr. Christian von Lähr shares his perspective that the realm of Nature People is Ætheric and exists all around us. That because of this we have to potential and opportunity to see, feel, hear and communicate with Gnomes, Elves, Faeries and Leprechauns.



Why this book is so special

Seeing is Believing..

Learn how to recognize and interact with all Nature People with the guidancebtrought to you in their book.


What is most enjoyable about "If You Could See ... A Gnome's Story" is that the presentation is mostly from the Nature People themselves. You will thouroughly enjoy their fresh and innocent approach to communication and gain a greater depth of understanding as you explore this new universe through the words of another culture. Where possible color photography has been added to vivitize your experience.